Yessss I finally made it! After a lot of experiments I found an easy way to prepare a dairy free tiramisù which doesn’t really taste that different from the traditional one. I have prepared a vegan mascarpone and then followed the traditional recipe. Ladyfingers can be used no problem, as they are prepared without any butter or milk.

250 gr unsweetened soy yogurt (2 small pots)
50 ml soy cream
pinch of salt

1. Place the yogurt in a colander folded with a clean tea towel (make sure it doesn’t smell of detergent). The water that will drain from the yogurt should not get in touch with the colander, so be careful to place it in a bowl which will be high enough to avoid contact
2. Fold the yogurt with the tea towel and place in fridge for at least 6-8 hours (I have left it overnight).
3. Add the soy cream to the drained yogurt with a pinch of salt and mix well

2 eggs
150 gr sugar
vegan mascarpone as per recipe above
200 gr ladyfingers
4 cups of espresso
unsweetened cocoa powder to decorate

1. Prepare the espresso and let it cool
2. Whisk egg yolks with sugar until creamy
3. Add the vegan mascarpone and mix well
4. In a separate bowl, whisk egg whites until still
5. Add the whisked egg whites to the other mixture gently with a down-across-up-and-over motion: this way they will remain stiff
6. Dip ladyfingers into the cold coffee and place one layer into a pan (I have used a rectangular one measuring 26×17 cm)
7. Cover with half of the cream
8. Repeat points 7-8
9. Sprinkle top with the cocoa powder and let set in fridge for at least 8 hours


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